Fabalde Martial Arts 'Stuff' was born to serve the Dacayana UK & Europe family of Martial Artists.

Dacayana Esrkrima is an Indigenous Cebuano Martial Art and is currently the largest and fastest growing Single style Filipino Martial Art in the UK.

Although we sell Training Weapons and Apparel exclusive to Dacayana UK & Europe members, we also stock a range of weapons and accessories that may be of  interest to the wider Martial Arts community irrespective of Art or style.

Everything on sale is of very high quality ...for example (unless specified) the apparel is embroidered rather than printed, the Rattan sticks are accurately cut, hand finished (chamfered & filed nodes)  and paired for weight and thickness. Special edition sticks can be custommade to order.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to contact Marcie Harding to discuss your requirements. 

Check back regularly as the product range will widen and change over time. 

Note to Dacayana UK and Europe members - you have the option to collect your order from your Coach or at any official Dacayana UK & Europe seminar to save some of thepacking and shipping costs ... please email Marcie to let her know where you wish to collect your order and what you have reserved. Coaches / club owners may charge a small handling fee (especially if they have had to collect and order ! )